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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. president cain is speaking out about a sexual harassment charges. that is what people are talking about today. he will address the comments today in a comose conference, but he has made his stance very clear, he is innocent. >> the first woman to accuse him said she is speaking out because it is the right thing to do. >> i don't dislike the man, i did it to help the man and to have a platform to come clean and tell the truth and he has not done that. >> the republican presidential
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candidate said he told the truth -- there is not an ounce of truth in all of this -- he stated over and over again that he never sexually harrassed anybody. >> she said he made an unwanted sexual advance to him in 1997 when she went to the company he worked to get a job. she said she saw him at atroke an event this year and he looked uncomfortable for a moment when she shook her hand. >> i hoped he had not done this in the past. >> he has stopped defending himself from the women that came forward from the past. this came from when he led the
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national restaurant and there w's two celtses -- -- settlements during that time with women -- we have more on that new report from penn state university. the coach had access to the weight room there as late as last week. he is accused of sexually assaulted eight young boys for over a decade there. the head coach was set to address the media today, but a few minutes ago, that press conference was cancelled. the waiting game is continuing downtown in the senator occur recorruption trial. we are there with the latest. >> this is day four of the deliberating. so far, no word from the jury
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today, but yesterday we got one question from the jury. that could show us how they are leaning. >> senator, are you feeling confident about this trial? >> he is waiting to learn his fate to see if the evidence shows he was paid over a quarter of a million dollars in bribe mob from 2003 to 2008 as the prosecution alleged. he used his power and influence to benefit the grocery store chain, including rent at a mall and letting shoppers to transfer a liquor license and to get millions in state grant money to benefit the shopper's group. his defense said it was legal and he had paid taxes on the
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money and that he is an honest man that never appeared politically on the behalf of the group. his failure to show them on an ethics form add up to a mistake by his wife. that did not think that this started in 2008, the juries wanted to know if they thought that, could they found the defendant guilty on count one of conspiracy. they could find him guilty during that trim frame and no question from the jury today. as we said, as soon as the
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jury reaches a verdict, we will let you know on air and on line. a young man is in the hospital after being shot by the police. the police said they had no choice after they saw him firing a gun and refusing to put it down. they later followed him to industrial park and the police officers shot him. today is general election day in baltimore and those going to vote will probably not wait in long lines. because of the area being mainly democratic, even though it is a mayor's race, along with two questions on the ballot. there is more on what happen with the gas line that
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was broken that left thousands without power. >> a contractor hit a gas line and the out of state crews will be here to restore service to customers as soon as possible, but until then, hundreds will be effected. >> because of the type of work we have to do to make a safe repair and restore if gas service, we will have to go to each and every home and disconnect their gas service. >> crews are making progress. about 900 homes and businesses are effected, that is down from about 1200. >> thank you. they are testimonying people that if they use electric space heaters, be careful and check their carbon monoxide and smoke dedebters. if the baltimore raising development does not pay their
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bill by january 1st, there may not be another backs more grand prix. the officials said it is more than just writing a check. >> there was a situation where some of the invoices we hooked at were piled on a bit. frankly, a gallon of coffee for $50. >> the city said that the event generated 47 million, not the 60 or 70 projected. brooking great joe frazer lost his battle with liver cancer. the heavy weight boxer is known for boxing mohammed alie. he released a statement overnight to say he was a great
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champion. there has been an offer to pay for his funeral services. why are sunglasses necessary if you head out today and marty is over in the sunshine and another great afternoon! it is incredible outside now! first off, on the radar, there is nothing going on anywhere near or around us. we have sunshine out there and the temperatures, higher than yesterday. it is 64 outside and to keep this in perspective, the average is 60. we are heading up close to 70 this afternoon. for more on how long this will last and we are heading over to mary. >> here is -- over to marty. >> here is a look, this will
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show how accurate it is the next few days out. this will swing a cold front in the area and they are timing that out to be thursday. that means we will be in a beautiful flow. not just today, but tomorrow and we will continue to tap the nice and mild temperatures over the upper tennessee valley. so, what more is there to talk about? we will figure out something. beautiful is pretty much going to pass for the next few days. we will have more coming up and we will throw it back inside. a space asteroid is in the forecast and it is about the size of an aircraft carrier, passing 202,000 miles of earth. not to be concerned, a zero%troke -- zero percent chance it will hit the planet -- or the moon. a tornado caught on tape
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tearing up a community. where coming up. >> better late than never. a local man cashed in at the last minute. what happen? a beautiful day in the area. stick around, the first morning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,
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. bad weather for those in oklahoma. days after an earthquake, a tornado. the quake last week did more and it has been followed by many aftershocks. the new cigarette labels may not appear on the store shelves after all, the federal judge blocked the requirement after the judge said it was fence their constitutional right to free speech. there was a body on an autopsy table and the diseased lungs. this case could drag on for
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years. more from charles county, a man that cashed in $200,000 with the powerball ticket. the ups driver did not see he had won until a few days before the ticket was to expire. he will pay off some bills and help his family! coming up next on eyewitness news at noon, stick around, the complete forecast is 2 1/2 minutes away. more on the stocks and the winning lotto numbers from last night -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. look how much it is warming up. not much of a wind, but a light breeze. that is about it. clear skies tonight. that will mean another round of fog as we head into the morning hours and tomorrow afternoon, sometimes mixing with clouds because of this storm out here. this is a subtropical storm. it will not effect us, it will remain out at see and turn to the east away from us and we
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will be in between this storm or that one before this pattern starts to move again and as we are in this pattern, the clear skies and mild aver air continuing. the cereal air will start to follow this front as it moves our way later in the week, but several days before that will happen. up close, by thursday, we will see the chance of showers with that front coming in and when this does, it will cool down behind that and then move out and the temperatures will go back up once more. the forecast, looking like this today, up to 72 on this beautiful day. going down to 42, the locally dense fog and once more, up to 64, we will see more clouds coming in and the chance of showers on thursday with the front before it leaves us and then in the 70s at least for now. more on the forecast coming up. a reminder, the ravens back
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. in today's health watch, more on who will be users as teens. 37% said that they used drugs or alcohol in the last year with asian and african american teens using them least. banning sugar and sweets in school is not keeping the children from drinking them. about 7,000 public school children were surveyd and the drinks had little or no effect on overall consumption. be sure to check with us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. you heard it before, this
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is a test, it is only a test. there is change coming and tomorrow there will be a scheduled interruption. what you need to know and do you want to lose some weight, we will have some plans on health watch. that is at 4:00 ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. we will rebound back to below normal as we head into a breezy evening. don't miss the prime time line up, another episode of the new hit crime show, and then eyewitness news at 11:00. it is a show to show off the latest in women's fashions. some men probably will watch. it is the victoria secret showcase. it will tape tomorrow and will air on november 29th right here on wjz 13. i would make a guess that more men will watch that program than women. >> but a lot of women watch it. >> it is interesting. >> what will they do with ballet with those big wings. >> you have to earn the wings.
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>> okay! (laughs). thank you for watching eyewitness news, maryland's news station. back here at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. see you tomorrow! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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